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The Six Most Famous Roads in the World

Petrol-heads, road-trippers and travel enthusiasts alike return every year to explore these iconic highways and byways.

Don’t leave your home out in the cold…

Winter comes with so many advantages… From the Kumbaya sing-alongs around a camp fire with loved ones (with the mandatory warm cup of hot chocolate and melted marshmallows), to snuggling under the blankets binge-watching your favourite series or movie.

Driver Alert: How to deal with animals on the road

Drivers have to be attentive to more than the risks posed by other vehicles and road users, but also be alert to the dangers of animals on the road.

11 ways to earn extra bucks…

Financial instability can be unbearable. . It is always a good idea to start thinking out of the box when it comes to how you can earn extra cash – and start and eliminating your financial stress!

A step closer to Transformers… Smart cars!

Admit it! We’ve all been in a position where we are driving around looking for parking only to find that the only parking spot available is a tight one! Question is, how does a person manage to fit into that parking spot without denting their vehicle?

What Cars Have Done For Our Careers

What are some of the positive and negative changes that cars have brought about in your life?

Tips for keeping your home secure whilst on holiday

The festive season is in full swing and a lot of people will be travelling with their loved ones meaning that homes will be left vacant for a good few days or even weeks. Nothing more heart-breaking than returning to a ransacked home which is why we advise that you do your utmost best to secure your home before going on holiday.

How to escape from your car if you are caught in a flash flood

In every life threatening situation it is common sense to use your instincts and get yourself and your loved ones to a place of safety.  However, with the recent floods that took place in Gauteng, it is evident that when the rain falls in bucket loads; the flood levels can overflow almost instantaneously.

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