Posted: September 20, 2017

People are at the Heart of Samsung’s Innovation

When was the last time a brand touched your life? It was most likely an instance where it made your life easier, connected you with your loved ones or delivered more value than you expected.

A brand can only know true success if consumers believe in its products. The validation from South African consumers, through awards and recognition, serves to remind us to keep on shaping the future with transformative ideas and innovative technologies.

Creating deeper connections with people

Samsung makes an intense effort to research, understand and listen to consumers so that the brand has an intrinsic understanding of what consumers want and need. This enables them to ensure that these needs are matched by product offering. In turn, the brand finds touch points to communicate how to work smarter, live better and create a greener tomorrow to the benefit of all South Africans.

As such, in 2017 Samsung joined forces with local public figures Cameron van der Burgh, Maps Maponyane, Reuben Riffel, Bobby van Jaarsveld and Jo-Ann Strauss, welcoming them as Samsung Brand Ambassadors and custodians of the unique values that characterize the brand, as they resonate with their own. Through them, Samsung aspires to have a more personal conversation with consumers and to engage with them on their experiences across product lines. This led to the creation of the #DoWhatYouCant campaign aimed at assisting consumers to do the seemingly impossible with Samsung’s products.The campaign was the driving force behind the 2017 Samsung Brand Ambassador competition in collaboration with proudly South African publications.

In keeping with the promise of bringing awe-inspiring innovative technology to local communities, Samsung South Africa hosted the unforgettable launch of its then flagship smartphone range, the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Sandton Square in Johannesburg was transformed into a world-first 3D projection of beautiful deep-sea imagery, with riveting 3D projections showcasing the powerful visual experiences that the device’s Infinity Display delivers.

Nelson Mandela Square was filled to capacity with customers that wanted to get a hands-on experience of the Galaxy S8 and Samsung representatives were happy to oblige and showcase the handset, answer questions and engage with customers as they demonstrated the phone’s remarkable capabilities.

Creating better products and services for and by people, who love the planet

As consumers are no longer willing to compromise between aesthetic appeal and functionality, brands have been forced to become more creative in their approach to design. A new era has dawned and consumers are now unapologetically demanding both form and function. As such, the Samsung Frame TV is a work of art that combines quality innovation with immaculate design to reframe the image of the old box TV in the corner of the living room into a design masterpiece that performs powerfully. In regular TV mode, The Frame TV is an impressive 4K UHD TV, but when turned off, it transforms into an artistic, flat-screen picture frame,exhibiting gallery-quality art or memorable family photos.

Further substantiating Samsung’s claim to excellence, the Samsung AddWash™ front-loader washing machine,makes laborious laundry days a thing of the past. Fitted with revolutionary technology, consumers are able to have an integrated experience that is efficient and convenient. As an example, consumers can control their washing machine remotely using the Smart Control app on their smartphone (available on iOS and Android phones). In addition, the quiet, proficient and eco-friendly AddWash™enables consumers to wash loads of up to 12kg in as little as half an hour.

Samsung products do so much more than work efficiently though; they speak to the South African landscape,upholding the values of Ubuntu which, in essence, means maintaining and nurturing compassion and humanity as well as the culture of shared resources and spending quality time within one’s community to make it a better place. With this in mind, Samsung’s products are suitably designed to fulfill the needs of the nation’s unique cultural character and the numerous festivities that accompany our homeland.As such, Samsung understands that there are times when a little extra fridge or freezer storage goes a long way, because as a nation we all love entertaining.

Innovative products such as the Samsung RT7000 Top Mounted Freezer (TMF) with Twin Cooling Plus answers the needs of those South African families who require flexibility in their daily lives. The TMF provides even more tractability with a function that converts the freezer into more fridge space. Adaptability is a local necessity and the TMF Fridge aims to provide families with exactly that.

It is people who appreciate the genius of Samsung’s people

The South African youth market is considered to be the driver of future technological trends and it is heartening to note that Samsung resonates with Millennials and true “Digital Natives”, who are highly demanding power users of mobile technology.

This was confirmed during the presentation of the prestigious Sunday Times’ Generation Next Youth Awards, where Samsung won the Coolest Cell Phone Category as well as the Coolest Computer Brand. The youth voted in large numbers, proving, againt hat Samsung’s products are designed with consumers’ needs in mind, and that the brand understands their unique and very specific set of requirements.

Samsung, furthermore won four coveted awards in the annual Ask Afrika Icon Brands review for 2017/18,the largest survey of its kind conducted in South Africa. The annual survey – created by the Target Group Index (TGI), in partnership with City Press & Rapport – incorporated 15 284 South African interviews (respondents were aged between 15 – 34), representing over 25 million South African consumers. Samsung successfully outperformed thousands of brands across 19 sectors to win the 2017/18 Platinum Icon Brand of Tomorrow in the Smartphone Category, Tablet Devices Category and Cellular Phone Category.

At Samsung, all customers are vitally important and they take great pride in creating products that are innovative and that set the industry benchmark as best practice, yet still comply with high international safety standards and norms. This enables Samsung to give customers exceptional value for their money because they deserve the best technology at an affordable price.

Fittingly, Samsung South Africa received three ‘Product of the Year 2017’ awards from the Product of the Year (PoY) survey – the world’s largest consumer awards. Established 25 years ago in France and operating in 37 countries, the PoY Awards functions as consumers’ guide to the best products in their market and it rewards manufacturers for quality and innovation.

In South Africa, the PoY seal is backed by the votes of 5 000 consumers. Winners are chosen in the respective categories through a nationally representative online study conducted by Nielsen. Winning products also receive the right to use the PoY seal of approval for one year, to illustrate the product’s leadership position to consumers.

The awards were given to those Samsung products that users felt embodied excellence in particular categories, namely, the Samsung SUHD TV (Television category), Samsung’s Gear VR (Wearables category) and the Galaxy S7 edge (Mobile Smartphone category).

Taking care of people

Samsung recognises that the journey to success and the accolades received along the way would have been impossible without the dedication of its talented workforce. They take pride in creating optimal employee conditions that ensure the development and empowerment of individuals, both personally and professionally, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The brand has been recognised for these efforts by the International Top Employers Institute, who acknowledges leading employers around the world. This prestigious certification is rewarded to organisations that provide outstanding work environments, nurture talent throughout all levels of its operation and strive to continuously improve occupational applications.

Samsung Electronics South Africa has successfully attained this prestigious Top Employer 2017 Certification for exceptional employee conditions for the third year in a row – a phenomenal feat by a phenomenal brand.

Samsung aims to create a better world through its products. They are committed to arriving a ta place where gadgets are not just tools, but are integrated into and intrinsically form part of your life to give you a richer sensory experience, whether at home or on the go. Samsung wants to keep you connected to the people that matter most in their enduring effort to make more priceless memories with you, their most important asset.