Posted: September 27, 2017

A bold new look for Nedbank

Nedbank has a long, proud history that spans over 125 years. But with advances in the technological era together with a proud new positioning, the bank decided to complete the picture by revisiting their brand recently – to ensure that they are still able to leverage future mediums and the fast-changing consumer landscape.
Opportunities were identified to transition the brand without losing the equity and trust that was built into the brand over the years. It was also an opportunity to showcase their vision in action, to be the most admired Financial Services Provider in Africa.

“The rebranding was a collaborative effort between Nedbank and their agencies to evolve the brand,” says Gary Harwood from Johannesburg-based HKLM. “Although an exciting project to work on, it was also a complex one, as the brand has many layers to it. It was important to build on the brand equity it had, whilst updating and shifting it into a new direction.”

One thing all parties agreed on from outset, was the need for a digital-first brand that could live in an increasingly screen-led world, to ensure that the brand is consistent across all touchpoints.

“Our new brand had to allow us to be consistent across all our channels,” explains Vanessa Singh, Executive Head: Retail and Business Banking Marketing at Nedbank.

Nedbank has a clear vision for its future: to be the most admired financial services provider in Africa, by its shareholders, staff, clients, regulators and communities.

A new purpose for the bank was defined: to use its financial expertise to do good for individuals, families, businesses and society.

The creative team faced a unique challenge: this set the stage for a brand evolution that is progressive yet responsible. The new brand would have to demonstrate a perceptual shift in outlook, whilst keeping what gives Nedbank recognition of who they are, reflecting where they have come from.

But how do you evolve a brand that’s been around for as long as the public can remember?

The team at HKLM took inspiration from the continent of Africa, starting with an update of the bank’s historical dark green. The new colour, a lighter, warmer shade of green, was selected for its optimistic feel.

A new visual language philosophy was created to capture the new positioning, purpose and vision. For the first time in the bank’s history, bright secondary and tertiary colours were introduced to bring the new brand to life. Colours that reflect the vibrancy and diversity of the African continent.

Marketing material has the power to influence people and no stock image can ever capture the unique cultures and visual expression of Africa. This lead to the creation of an anti-stock image library, with new images that reflect our diversity, our beautiful continent, the real people that live and run thriving businesses here.

Nedbank underpinned this strategy by giving credit to all the content makers, creatives, artists and photographers, taking great care to acknowledge the real people and real stories in all Nedbank’s marketing collateral.

“Our new brand is very much rooted in Africa,” says Nedbank’s Papa Sekyiamah, Executive Head: Strategic Projects – Communications and Corporate Affairs.

It’s clear to see what he means. The brand now looks modern, fresh, youthful and African – ready to face any challenge.

The world is looking at Africa differently – and Nedbank is leading the way.