Posted: September 20, 2017


The South African Airways Group is made up of South African Airways (which includes SAA Cargo and Voyager), SAA Technical, Air Chefs and Mango.

The airline’s network reach also includes Airlink and SA Express.

Together, this formidable family of aviation organisations plays a pivotal role in South Africa’s economic well being, creating a substantial amount of job and business opportunities.


SAA flies directly to over 39 destinations around the world and offers more destinations due to its solid codeshare relationships.

SAA is able to offer more than 18,500 daily flights to 1,316 airports in 192 countries by being a proud member of Star Alliance, an airline network that recently celebrated two decades of connecting people and cultures.

Its impressive young fleet is one of the most fuel-efficient in the skies, and includes three Boeing 737 Freighters, seven Boeing 737–800s, eight Airbus A319-100s, twelve Airbus A320-200s, six Airbus A330-200s, eight A340-300Es and nine Airbus A340-600s.

In December 2016, SAA welcomed five new environmentally friendly Airbus A330-300 aircraft to its fleet. Each of these offers cutting-edge technology, and extreme travelling comfort.


Everything SAA achieves is done with the wellbeing of our planet in mind. The airline is already at 80% compliance for greener operations as stipulated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and it undertook the first biofuel flight in Africa in July 2016 using sustainable biofuel made from locally grown Solaris tobacco plants.

These historical SAA and Mango flights carried 300 passengers from Johannesburg to Cape Town on Boeing B737-800s powered by 30% aviation biofuel and 70% fossil fuel.

The airline is one of very few global airlines to boast a IATA Environmental Assessment Programme (IEnvA), the comprehensive airline environmental management programme, Stage 2 status. IEnvA assesses environmental performance against sustainability standards across the management of air quality and emissions, noise, fuel consumption and operational efficiency, recycling, energy efficiency, sustainable procurement, and biofuel utilisation.

SAA also prides itself on a long list of CSI projects. The airline is recognised as the official partner of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, collaborating on a number of educational projects as part of its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme. Amongst other CSI projects, SAA supported the annual Trek4Mandela Kilimanjaro expedition to raise funds and awareness for the Imbumba Foundation’s Caring4Girls programme.


The airline lives and breathes its purpose to be the “Catalyst for African Growth”. For SAA, this goal starts with helping dreams take flight.

The airline serves only South African wines on board and in airport lounges, which contributes to the growth of the country’s wine industry. The annual SAA Wine Awards has become an important accolade for producers and distributors.

TheSAA Cadet Pilot Development Programme is a testament to the airline’s firm commitment to diversity, social development and African growth.


As the airline navigates its turnaround strategy, maintaining brand presence in the market becomes even more critical.

Fighting to keep and grow its place in the market, SAA never loses sight of its inspiring mantra, “Bringing the world to Africa, and taking Africa to the world”. With a vibrant, unmistakably African identity and world-class and award-winning services, the airline still manages to delight passengers in big and small ways – and this was confirmed when they recently won the Skytrax Best Staff Service award.

SAA introduced Samsung tablets on board to its business-class cabins on selected short haul regional flights and made major changes to the Voyager loyalty programme, making its rewards more meaningful to members.

In addition, SAA amenity kits were given a fresh look to reflect a proudly South African design talent.


SAA has overcome many changes and challenges in recent years to secure victories in big and small ways.

Named Coolest Domestic Airline in the Sunday Times Generation Next Awards, South African Airways is more than just South Africa’s national carrier. The airline is at the forefront of a new era in Africa’s success.

In 2013, SAA adopted a comprehensive Long-Term Turnaround Strategy based on constructive contributions by staff and management. The strategy is aimed at helping the airline to exceed its goals in the near future and beyond.
Little wonder then, that SAA maintained their status as Africa’s Best Airline for 14 consecutive years.

SAA also has a 4-star rating from leading industry body Skytrax – an achievement that speaks to the airline’s high standard of service across cabin seating, safety standards, cleanliness, amenities, catering, tax-free sales, reading materials, in-flight entertainment, and staff service.

Today, the airline is on the runway to prosperity and it’s clear that the airline will continue its quest to remain engaging, strategic and iconic.