NESTLÉ CREMORA is an indulgent and rich creamer that is like no other. It provides a superior, rich and creamy mouthfeel in coffee and adds something special to food and baked goods. With NESTLÉ CREMORA you can enjoy the unmistakable creaminess that makes everyday moments extra special.


In what can only be described as an immense milestone for the brand, First National Bank (FNB) celebrates its 180th anniversary in South Africa this year.


Over the past few years, a new generation of employees, business owners and consumers have become the driving force of global business and consumption trends.


From the roots of the disruptive Medical Savings Account to the digital branches of the world’s first behavioral bank lies a question. A question serving as the yardstick on which every major decision is measured – every innovation, every brand, and every product. It’s the golden thread, a monolithic mandate breathing life into the ever-expanding ecosystem that is the Discovery brand. Discovery’s purpose is to make people healthier, to enhance and protect their lives.


Total South Africa's history began in 1954 when a Frenchman traveled around the country and saw that there was a robust and viable agriculture sector.


In a climate where topics around diversity and empowerment are being highlighted more often than before and where minority groups are growing into inspirational social communities, new trends in the marketing and communication field emerge. Femvertising, or the use of a female figure or narrative to communicate to fellow consumers as a form of advertising, has become an increasingly relevant and a new style of marketing messaging.

Spoor & Fisher

Established in 1920, Spoor & Fisher is a specialist intellectual property (IP) law firm, with in-depth knowledge of and experience in all aspects of intellectual property, including trade marks, copyright, patents, registered designs, anti-counterfeiting, commercial work with an intellectual property flavour, as well as litigation in these fields.


SANRAL is an everyday brand for millions of South Africans. People use their infrastructure to get to work, to get children to school, to get to the shops, to transport goods from city to city; dorpie to dorpie. As the National Roads Agency, SANRAL are extremely proud of the crucial role they play in the country and of the infrastructure that they manage.

Castle Lager

Castle Lager was a natural choice as it was the most valuable consumer brand at the time, as it is in 2019 according to BrandZTM South Africa.

Brand South Africa

Play Your Part is a nationwide movement created to inspire, empower and celebrate active citizenship in South Africa. Its objective is to lift the spirit of our nation by inspiring all South Africans to contribute to positive change, become involved and start doing – because a nation of people who care deeply for one another and the environment in which they live is good for everyone. The programme is actively driven by Brand SA throughout the year.


South Africa’s 1994 transition to democracy was rightfully hailed across the world as a political miracle. It not only marked the closure of a painful period in the country’s history but heralded the dawn of a new nation united in its diversity. The euphoria that characterised this important transition to multiparty democracy also breathed life into a new mobile network provider, MTN. Over the last 25 years MTN has touched the lives of millions of people across the African continent and beyond.

White Star

March 1999 saw the launch of what was soon to become South Africa’s brand of choice in its category, White Star Super Maize Meal. Developed by Pioneer Foods, it was well ahead of the government-instituted fortification program – being the first maize meal fortified with Vitamin A. Since then White Star has grown from strength to strength through excellent quality and unique brand communication.


Technology connects us now more than ever before, making our lives easier and more meaningful in many ways. For the last 25 years, Vodacom has played a key role in transforming ordinary people’s lives through its innovative technology, allowing more South Africans to stay connected for a better future. South Africa faces some of the highest levels of inequality, unemployment and poverty in the world.


MarkLives serves up a trade-media success story in a time where media organsiations have been actively divesting from journalism.


There is a growing expectation of brands to exist beyond merely a profit motive: they need to display a greater purpose and ‘do good’. Doing good should include an acknowledgement of the communities in which they operate.

Cell C

South Africa’s cellular network businesses faced some tough challenges in the first half of 2019. Between tough economic conditions and load shedding, the whole industry had to grapple with more than its share of difficulties and setbacks. Cell C was not unaffected by these difficulties, but the first six months of this year saw it move from strength to strength.

Alexander Forbes

Only Alexander Forbes combines data and insights about total well-being (financial and health) from its own Funds, Clients and Research Institute, to develop and deliver innovative and best of breed consulting and advice-led solutions that help client businesses solve financial wellness, employee engagement and productivity challenges that negatively impact the bottom-line.


For longer than we’ve had democracy Nando’s has travelled the world with its delicious flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, and is found in over 1000 homes worldwide.But when they talk about taking Southern African pieces all around the globe, they’re not just speaking about chicken!


How does a bank deal with its major shareholder dramatically reducing its investment, and with the prospect of re-branding not just across a country – but across an entire continent? And all this, within just one year?

Swarm Digital

Swarm Digital prides itself in delivering innovative solutions across development work, CRM, digital and direct marketing