11 ways to earn extra bucks…

Posted: March 29, 2017

Financial instability can be unbearable. . It is always a good idea to start thinking out of the box when it comes to how you can earn extra cash – and start and eliminating your financial stress!

Here are some ideas you can tap into and work your way into having more money at the end of the month:

  1. Freelance with your skills – use the skills you already have to earn you extra cash. Ensure that it is not in conflict with your employment contract. Whether it’s photography, cooking, baking, painting, drawing or giving massages – whatever your skill, use it and earn up!
  2. Be creative – you may have a hidden creative bone that you haven’t tapped into, be it calligraphy, making jewellery, making household décor items – you name it. Tap into your creative, crafty side and showcase your divine creations.
  3. Evaluate! Become a tester/reviewer – from websites, to apps, from products to theories… you can earn money for breaking things and finding faults that will help them be better. Sign up and earn money while sitting at home browsing the net or going about your usual day.
  4. Get paid for your answers – many of us have spent some time answering surveys to give feedback; now take it a step further and get paid for answering similar surveys! There are sites where you can do just that. Join a focus group and earn a little more.
  5. Sell your no-longer in use items – garage sales seem daunting, but you could very well be hoarding a couple of thousands of rands. Clear your cupboards and sell those antiques, book, clothes etc. that are no longer in use. While you’re at it, why not sell your photographs on stock photo sites? Try it!
  6. Become a tutor and get paid for offering lessons – You can use the knowledge you have on different disciplines to earn an extra buck. From academics, to sport, to music. Enhance your skills, plan your schedule and share your greatness with others… and get paid while doing it. You can even host an online course!
  7. Be a sitter – these days, becoming a sitter varies; it does not only apply to babysitting. If you are a pet lover, you can become a pet sitter. If you are trustworthy, you can even become a house sitter while your neighbours are on holiday.
  8. Write your way to extra cash – if you’re passionate about writing, you can become a contributor on different platforms. Start your own blog and become an associate marketer – allowing advertisers to use your platform to reach people.
  9. Become an art model – stuff we see in movies isn’t really that far fetched after all. Pose for art students or just artists… earn money for just sitting in one position. Sounds easy enough right?
  10. Let fitness get you paid – if you’re a fitness bunny or looking for other people to train with, why not start your own fitness boot camp? Get people to work out with while getting paid.
  11. Rent out your parking space – if you’re not using your parking space for whatever reason, don’t let it go to waste. Chances are, you’re already paying for it together, so let it pay you. Let that guy with 3 cars (and the hefty car insurance) pay you to park his car safely in your spot – without the fights and frustration.

Essentially, there are plenty of hidden opportunities to generate extra income with your time and skills, and the above-mentioned pointers can smoothly pave your path to financial freedom.

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