Using Your Brand Profile

Welcome to Brands.MarkLives. This is a quick guide to customising your profile and using your company newsroom (when enabled).

How to customise your profile

1. Login

  • Use your username and password to log into your Brands.MarkLives profile.

2. Customise your site

  • Click on “Profile”
    • You will see all your login details
  • Scroll down and look for “Extra Profile Information”
    • Here you may customise background and menu colours, update your logo and social media settings

3. Publish your first press release

This is only available when newsroom functionality is enabled.

  • Go to “Posts” in the left hand column of your screen
  • Click on “Add New”
  • Enter your headline
  • Upload your copy (note the Visual/HTML editor option)
  • In the right column, under “Categories”, make sure “Newsroom” is ticked
  • To control the text that appears in the Brands.MarkLives newsfeed, enter text in the field marked “Excerpt”
    • Note: this is also used for link previews in Facebook, and that it needs to be short and sweet.
  • Add keywords in the “Tags” section if you want to make the story easy to find on search engines such as Google. Tags are keywords relevant to your news release.
  • To ensure an image displays in the the Brands.MarkLives newsfeed, other than your brand logo, set a “Featured Image”. This is usually the image you uploaded for the story and which you will then find in your “Media Library” — see below.

4. Click on “submit for review”

Your press release will now be sent to MarkLives HQ for approval before publishing.

5. Adding images

  • Click on the spot where you want to place an image
  • Click “Add Media”, just above the space where you pasted your text
  • Click on “Upload Media”
    • Note: all images you have uploaded will sit in your Media Library. You don’t need to upload them again — just select them from the Media Library to add to article.
  • Once you’ve uploaded your image, you’ll be asked where you would like to position it
    • This is to be found under “Attachment Details” in the right-hand column
    • Scroll down to “Attachment Display Settings”.
    • Select to position an image to the right or left of you text

Image tips

  • Please ensure that images are as small as possible in terms of file size so that your page loads quickly.
    • Before uploading an image, resize it in an image editor such as Irfanview.
  • Because of how images appear in Facebook link previews, we recommend that:
    • Landscape/horizontal images to be no more than 600px in width
    • Portrait/vertical images to be no more than 300px in width
    • Square images to be no more than 350px x 350px


Press releases are approved twice daily during office hours. Please allow 3–4 hours for approval. Press releases submitted after 3pm will likely only be approved the next morning and those submitted after 2pm on Friday afternoons will only be approved on Monday mornings. The date/time preset functionality will alleviate most issues around timing delays.