What Cars Have Done For Our Careers

Posted: January 23, 2017

Although cars have been in existence for many decades, their popularity has significantly risen in recent years. Cars went from being a luxury afforded only by the wealthy folk to being a reliable form of transport for middle class commuters. The constant back and forth of travelling to work, dropping kids of at school and running errands requires one to have a car. With the preceding statement ringing true, it is also important to ask ourselves what cars have done for our careers over the years.

What are some of the positive and negative changes that cars have brought about in your life?

Firstly, owning a vehicle has brought about an elevated sense of responsibility. For the commuters who own vehicles, the best way in which to show their responsibility for their vehicles is to protect their assets by investing in a comprehensive car insurance policy. Not only will it ensure that the commuter’s asset is protected, it will also ensure that drivers are covered for any legal implications in the event of an accident.

Other than responsibility, vehicles have changed the way in which we view employment, the way in which we market ourselves, and, often, the way in which other employees and colleagues view us.

Here’s what cars have done for our careers:

Accessibility and Convenience

Vehicles have given commuters and career people the chance to travel to and from their offices, irrelevant of their location. Cars have increased the accessibility of certain careers and opportunities while also emphasising the convenience of being able to hop into the car to travel to wherever you need to be.

If you happen to live in a remote area and your offices are in the city centre, your vehicle ensures that your commute is both comfortable and safe (safer than walking, at least). When it comes to our careers, and the advancement of our opportunities, motor vehicles certainly have their advantages.

Economic Responsibility

Owning a vehicle is a privilege in many developing countries. Those who earn an annual salary that exceeds a certain margin are able to finance a vehicle, while others are forced to rely on public transport systems.

Regarded as a double-edged sword, owning a car is a major financial responsibility. Those who earn substantial monthly salaries are often not worried about their monthly vehicle and car-related costs for insurance and maintenance. However, many middle-class car owners are often required to tighten their belts in an effort to accommodate the costs that are involved in owning a car. The latter can negatively influence the career-orientated individual as the costs of running a vehicle may deter him or her from taking up a promising position that might be just a little too far from home.

Although convenient, the financial responsibility of owning a car is not always expedient on one’s budget.


In South Africa, motor vehicles have quickly become status symbols that may have an effect on your career. The general mind-set seems to be that a fancy or luxury vehicle signals something along the lines of: ‘if you drive performance, you must surely drive results’. Not only could this thinking elevate your position (and your pay cheque), but it can also elevate the way in which your employer and your clients view your conduct.

Alternatively, there have been numerous studies conducted in the United States of America where employees have expressed their dismay and resentment towards those who drive luxury vehicles. The root of this dismay could be found when employees pointed out that they didn’t need their superiors to gloat about how much money they made through the types of luxury cars that they drove. Either way, your vehicle should act as a means of safe transport to and from your place of employment.

However you use your car – even if you’re simply making use of it to get from your home to your place of work, be sure to get the best out of your vehicle when it comes to safety.

Cars are a big part of our lives and taking care of them requires far more effort than taking them for a valet car wash, which is why it is important to have car insurance cover in place in case any unforeseen event occurs.